This Thanksgiving Season, We’re Thankful for Our Franchise Owners

Each fall, we celebrate Thanksgiving, a time to count our blessings and appreciate what we have. At Unleashed Brands, we continue to grow at an incredible rate. And with each new franchise awarding, we’re helping to launch the entrepreneurial dreams of our franchise owners. It’s these Unleashed Brands franchisees, and their dedication to making a difference in their local communities, that we’re most thankful for in 2022.

On behalf of each one of our six youth enrichment brands, here’s what we’re most thankful for…

Our Class 101 Franchisees

To date, there are 49 Class 101 franchise owners in our system. We’re thankful that these individuals see the value in providing college preparatory resources for the students and families in their own communities. Each of our Class 101 franchisees are helping local families consider their options, arrange campus visits, craft college entrance essays, and explore financial aid and scholarships. Unleashed Brands is thankful for these franchise owners who are providing a vital service in preparing our youth for higher education.

Our Premier Martial Arts Franchisees

To date, there are 254 Premier Martial Arts franchise owners in our system – more than any other brand in our inventory. We’re thankful that so many entrepreneurs see the value in teaching an ancient skill that helps children build discipline, leadership, and physical fitness. Unleashed Brands is thankful that each of our Premier Martial Arts franchisees are helping the families of their communities develop the next generation of confident and self-disciplined kids.

Our Snapology Franchisees

To date, Unleashed Brands includes 114 franchise owners in our system. To these individuals, we’re thankful for their commitment to provide a safe and intriguing environment, where children can learn valuable STEAM concepts. We’re thankful that each of our Snapology franchise owners have chosen to enrich the educational capabilities of children in their communities.

Our Franchisees with The Little Gym

To date, The Little Gym includes 227 franchise owners, the second highest among all our brands. We’re thankful that each of these franchise owners decided to host a movement-based learning environment, where kids can have fun while learning important skills. Unleashed Brands thanks our owners with The Little Gym for bringing a three-dimensional, holistic approach to childhood development.

Our Urban Air Adventure Park Franchisees

To date, there are 180 franchisees in our system who own an Urban Air Adventure Park franchise. We’re thankful that these individuals saw this dynamic opportunity and capitalized on providing a true entertainment destination in their home communities. Unleashed Brands is thankful that our Urban Air franchisees see the value in providing high-energy, community-based fun, designed for the whole family.

Our XP League Franchisees

To date, there are 42 XP League franchisees in our system – not bad for an emerging brand, considering the potential for growth in the world of Esports is astronomical. Unleashed Brands is thankful to support these entrepreneurs who are bringing the world of competitive gaming leagues to new locations. Unleashed Brands is thankful that our XP League franchisees are providing the youths of our communities with an alternative to kinetic-based sports opportunities.

Yes, 2022 has been a year in which we’re thankful to count our blessings. We’re thankful these owners and owner groups have put their trust into us to help them reach their dreams of business ownership. And Unleashed Brands wishes each and every one of you a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday.

A Little More About Us…

The Unleashed Brands platform includes Urban Air Adventure Park, Snapology, The Little Gym, XP League, Class 101, and Premier Martial Arts family entertainment franchises. As the parent company, Unleashed Brands was founded to curate and grow the most innovative and profitable business opportunities that help kids learn, play and grow. Over the last 10 years, the team at Unleashed Brands has built a proven platform and know-how for scaling businesses that focus on serving families. All have become first-in-category brands by providing fun, engaging, and inspiring experiences that help kids with their No. 1 development goal – to become who they were destined to be.

To speak with one of our franchise experts and learn more about our children’s business opportunities, simply fill out this form and an Unleashed Brands representative will be in touch shortly.