6 Reasons to "Educate" Yourself on Franchise Ownership with Class 101

Class 101 is one of the newest members of the Unleashed Brands family of franchise opportunities, a home or remote-based consulting business in which franchise owners help high school-aged students prepare for college. The brand was founded by Thomas Pabin, an idealistic financial professional who decided to create a business opportunity that helps others. To date, Class 101 has grown to include more than 50+ locations in 25+ U.S. states.

There’s just something special about providing students and their families with one-on-one consulting services designed to secure a brighter future. It’s why Class 101 fits so neatly in Unleashed Brands collection of youth enrichment franchise opportunities. If you’re considering an entrepreneurial future and you’re passionate about working with young people, keep reading to “educate” yourself on these six valid reasons to franchise with Class 101.

  1. Class 101 is an Idealistic Brand

What’s more idealistic than helping others? Not much, which is what makes Class 101 such a good fit for altruistic individuals who want to own a business of their own. Class 101 franchisees take a genuine interest in helping high school students explore their options and secure scholarship money to offset the rising costs of a university education.

  1. Class 101 Offers a Wide Range of Services

Kids who are preparing for college must confront several challenges in securing entrance to the school of their choice. But thanks to Class 101’s wide variety of services, our franchisees offer a one-stop shop that addresses all of their clients’ needs. Class 101 owners help clients develop a list of potential colleges, improve high school grades, prepare for college entrance exams, develop resumes, craft application essays, manage admittance deadlines, and pursue financial aid through scholarships. They can even help arrange campus visits for the most preferable school choices.

  1. Class 101 Offers Family Significant Savings

For the price of consultation with qualified Class 101 owners, students and their families can get an immense return on investment through the potential savings. With the cost of college tuition, living arrangements, and textbooks outpacing inflation by as much as 6%, families who work with Class 101 secure an average of $160,000 in merit-based scholarships to offset these ever-increasing costs.

  1. Class 101 is Priced to be an Affordable Business Opportunity

With an initial investment of $39,900 for a home/remote-based opportunity, Class 101 provides entrepreneurs with an affordable way to become their own boss. With no pricey brick-and-mortar storefront, no inventory, and no additional staffing requirements, it’s one of the easiest paths to discover the freedom and flexibility of business ownership.

  1. Class 101 Operates in a Robust Marketplace

Franchisee candidates want to know that their chosen business opportunity is in-demand. With Class 101, there’s simply no doubt. There are nearly 5,000 institutions of higher learning in the U.S., competing for millions of students each and every year. As the process of college acceptance continues to get more and more competitive, the need for specialized consulting services designed to give kids an advantage will only continue to rise.

  1. Class 101 is a Rewarding Opportunity

As many Class 101 franchise owners can tell you, building relationships that help college-bound kids map out their futures can be an extremely rewarding experience. Sara Lutz, a Class 101 franchisee in western Kentucky shares, “Joining the Class 101 family has been one of my best decisions. Not only are we providing a much-needed service to our community, but we are also building strong relationships with our Class 101 students and families.”

Class 101 is looking for new owners and many prime territories are still available. Though having a background in education can be beneficial, the training and support provided by Class 101 makes previous experience unnecessary. If you’re passionate about helping others – especially our younger generation, Class 101 could be the key to establishing an entrepreneurial future for you and your family. If you’d like to get started investigating the Class 101 business model, reach out to Unleashed Brands today, so we can help you begin your own personal entrepreneurial journey!

A Little More About Us…

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