Thinking of a Career Change? Why Franchise Ownership Makes Sense

While the U.S. economy continues to hum along, with unemployment at historic lows and inflation in retreat, things appear to be going well in the job market. However, there are a few undertones that bear a closer look at what’s truly going on behind the scenes. While it’s true that corporate downsizing is occurring across the board – especially in the high tech sector – the numbers aren’t as dramatic as in years’ past. That being said, whenever the rate of layoffs pick up, thoughts often turn to career transitioning.

If you’ve ever experienced a layoff of your own, you typically don’t forget the level of anxiety and concern that comes with trying to replace your primary source of income. Though always a difficult time, it’s one of the few moments in life when all of your options are suddenly present and available again. That’s why it’s no surprise that many Corporate America refugees decide to take a bolder step than simply replacing their previous job with a lateral move. For some, it’s a chance to grab the brass ring and explore an entrepreneurial future. Layoff or not, if you happen to be thinking of a career change at the moment, here are a few reasons why franchise ownership makes sense.

Three Options. One Clear Choice…

It’s long been understood that entrepreneurial business ownership can be established in three primary ways. You can start your own business from scratch, but that means you’re personally responsible for every single aspect of designing the business model, its value proposition, and go-to-market strategy. Another option is to buy a business from the existing owner, but it’s often difficult to determine exactly what you’re getting in the deal. The third avenue is business ownership through franchising, and that avenue comes with several clear-cut advantages.

Franchising’s Many Advantages

First, you’ll be provided with a proven business model to follow, a step-by-step guide for owning and operating the business on a day-to-day basis. In addition, you’ll have an operations manual in hand, detailing all of the standard procedures you need to follow in selling your product or service. Second, the franchisor provides comprehensive training that covers everything you’ll need to know to run the business properly. For many franchisors, this training extends well beyond the grand opening, up to and including ongoing field supervision that provides sound guidance while you’re building your business up. Lastly – and this is a good one – with franchising, you get close-knit, ongoing support to help you run an effective operation. This support doesn’t just come from the corporate office, but also from all the other franchisees in the system, providing a network of invaluable experience you can rely on for any need.

Why Employees Consider Career Transitions

It’s no secret that today’s employees are more stressed out than ever, and why shouldn’t they be? Americans are working longer hours, dealing with ever-increasing workloads, concerned about protecting their mental health, and plenty of other frustrations. And in the end, everything they’re putting themselves through is ultimately going to the benefit of someone else. This continues until one day, they simply decide to break free from the bonds that constrain them and consider a more appealing alternative. This realization is fairly common among employees who’ve been in the workforce for a while, especially knowing they’re not getting any younger. It’s these factors and more that cause many employees to reach their breaking point and consider the benefits of a career transition.

If you’re currently considering a career transition of your own and you’d like to know more about Unleashed Brands’ business opportunities, simply reach out to us. Together, we can explore franchise opportunities that align with your goals, lifestyle, and income-generating capabilities. Considering the freedom and flexibility synonymous with entrepreneurship, it could be the beginning of a new and exciting future for you and your loved ones.

A Little More About Us…

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