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Premier Martial Arts Franchisee Expands Unleashed Brands Portfolio with XP League
Martial Arts owner and students

Kurt Asesor, an established franchisee and franchise business consultant for Premier Martial Arts (PMA), has expanded his portfolio with Unleashed Brands by signing a new franchise agreement with XP League, the first and largest esports franchise in North America. Kurt currently owns and operates three PMA locations in Florida, including Weston-Sunrise, Naples, and Plantation, and opened XP League of Weston earlier last month.

Prior to franchising, Kurt worked as a martial arts instructor and manager for various organizations, including the American Taekwondo Association. He opened his first PMA studio in Weston in 2017 by converting another martial arts studio into a PMA studio. Kurt then purchased a license for a PMA studio in Plantation and converted it to a franchise when PMA began franchising in 2018. He continued to expand his franchise portfolio and by the end of 2020, he acquired an additional PMA studio in Naples, bringing his total number of studios in Florida to three.

Kurt was initially drawn to XP League not only because of his passion for gaming but also because of the opportunity for labor and student retention. The esports brand has a similar customer demographic as his PMA studios, which makes it a great fit for his business. In regards to staffing, Kurt’s current PMA instructors now make up most of his staff at XP League, demonstrating how the skill set of instructors from one business can be transferred to another. In terms of student retention, more than half of his customers at XP League are also members of one of his PMA studios.

“I’m thrilled to continue investing with Unleashed Brands and expand my involvement by adding XP League to the mix,” said Asesor. “The alignment in values between XP League and PMA is undeniable, and as a business owner, it makes the investment a natural fit, offering a massive opportunity for profit. Each value community, leadership, and personal development, and I am eager to bring this innovative brand to the Florida market.”

Along with this deal, XP League also recently awarded additional franchise agreements which will bring the brand to Buckhead, GA, Aurora, CO, and NE Cincinnati, OH. Launched in 2020, XP League offers a nine-week seasonal program including one practice and one match a week. Each team is led by a coach who focuses on teaching resiliency, teamwork, and sportsmanship in addition to gaming skills.

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