Unleashed Brands Vision Casting - Michael O. Browning Jr.

Intensive parenting has become the new norm. Today parents spend nearly 5 hours a week giving undivided time to their child – compared with 1 hour 45 minutes in 1975 – and they still worry it isn’t enough. For parents, giving their children the best start in life means doing everything they can to ensure their kids prosper. At Unleashed Brands, we believe in making the process of figuring this out easy through our mission of impacting the lives of every kid by providing fun, engaging and inspiring experiences that help them learn, play and grow. We believe that kids don’t need to wait to be great. They can be great kids today! Hear from our Founder & CEO, Michael O. Browning Jr., as he casts vision for Unleashed Brands at the 2021 Franchisee convention. Learn more at: www.UnleashedBrands.com