Franchise Your Way to a Family Legacy Business

Entrepreneurs choose to franchise as the means of business ownership for many reasons. Most choose franchise ownership to become their own boss for a change. They simply want more freedom, flexibility, and control in their lives – not to mention the added benefit of managing your own level of income generation. It’s all about taking charge of your own destiny.

But another advantage that doesn’t get discussed often enough is franchising as a means to establish a family legacy business. One that can be passed down from one generation to the next, protecting the ability to generate wealth throughout the family tree. Let’s look at some additional benefits that franchise ownership can provide the entire family as a legacy business.

Lessons Learned, Values Earned

Many aspiring entrepreneurs grew up idolizing a family member who owned and operated their own business. They witnessed the success of this lifestyle and wanted to carry on the tradition themselves. Business ownership can provide priceless life lessons in which adults can impart their wisdom to their children. Done correctly, they’ll grow up not only understanding the value of a dollar but how to earn it through hard work and perseverance. It’s an industrious way to teach the younger generation about the awesome responsibility that comes with being a business owner in your own community.


Life’s Most Precious Moments

When it comes to children, there are a lot of firsts to monitor. First steps, first piano recital, first school play, first home run, and perhaps even the first honor roll award presentation. Then there are birthdays, school graduations, sporting contests, and activity banquets. But as many full-time employees can tell you, when you work for someone else, your schedule simply does not belong to you. You have to request time off. Over the years, you have to wonder how many disappointed kids will continue to hear the dreaded phrase, “I’m sorry, I just can’t make it because of work.” But when you become your own boss, you only have one report to worry about – and that’s yourself. No more missing out on life’s most precious moments. As a franchise owner, you can be there for your kids and never again worry about missing an important occasion.


Setting the Right Example

One of the best attributes of being a small business owner is the opportunity to set the right example for your own family and children. Franchising is well-known for brands and concepts that go above and beyond in giving back generously to their communities. It’s another life lesson – and a very important one at that. As a franchise owner, you’ll have the opportunity to set the right example for your family by contributing to the benefit of your own community and creating a sustainable place for everyone to live and work.

When you’re the head of the household, nothing is more important than providing for the welfare and well-being of your family. But when you work for others, your ability to do so to the level you desire may be constrained. Franchise ownership can put the power back in your hands, allowing you to be in charge of your family’s future. And there’s no better way to ensure a strong legacy for future generations than to take charge of your own destiny.

At Unleashed Brands, we can help you establish a lasting legacy for your family. And we humbly invite you to discover the wonder, imagination, and possibilities that come from owning one of our youth enrichment business models.


A Little More About Us…

The Unleashed Brands platform includes Urban Air Adventure Park, Snapology, The Little Gym, XP League, Class 101, and Premier Martial Arts youth enrichment franchises. As the parent company, Unleashed Brands was founded to curate and grow the most innovative and profitable business opportunities that help kids learn, play and grow. Over the last 10 years, the team at Unleashed Brands has built a proven platform and know-how for scaling businesses that focus on serving families. All have become first-in-category brands by providing fun, engaging, and inspiring experiences that help kids with their No. 1 development goal – to become who they were destined to be.

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