Expand Your Business Portfolio With a Youth Enrichment Franchise

As any successful entrepreneur will tell you, once you’ve had a taste of success – it can make you hungry for more. Whether you’re a single-unit owner looking to expand operations for the first time, or a seasoned business owner with an enterprise-level portfolio, the world of children’s entertainment and education is an attractive market for expansion. Unleashed Brands has six top-level youth enrichment franchise concepts, making us an authority on harnessing the power of children’s growth and wonder. Our franchise brand specialization can be viewed through two separate market outlooks.

If 2023 is looking like the right time to grow your own entrepreneurial venture, here are some convincing facts and figures for you to consider before you make your move.

Children’s Entertainment Market

According to ReportLinker, a global market intelligence group, the future of children’s entertainment centers looks especially bright. Their report reveals that this global market is currently worth $24.4 billion, expanding at a combined annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.9% through the year 2026 - when it’s predicted to reach $39.3 billion. It also states that food and beverage options should be considered as a major revenue driver – which is great news as each Urban Air Adventure Park offers an easy-to-execute, state-of-the-art, fast-casual café. And even throughout the pandemic, household spending on entertainment remained steady, ranking sixth on the overall list of family expenditures, or 5.3% of the total budget.

Children’s Education Market

The market outlook for early childhood education looks every bit as robust as the family entertainment sector. This according to recent research compiled by Facts & Factors, a consultancy that produces frequent market research reports. Their report states that overall revenue for early childhood education in the U.S. should reach $480 billion by the year 2026, thanks in part to a combined annual growth rate of 10.5%. If you’re looking to expand your own business ownership portfolio in this appealing direction, make sure to zero in on Unleashed Brands’ education-based franchise concepts, Snapology and Class 101.

When most business portfolio owners speak of diversifying their assets, real estate holdings and ownership in various small business ventures are typically at the top of their wish list. But franchise operations can also be quite appealing, as they not only rely upon proven business models, but also include semi-absentee ownership potential. And most of these savvy portfolio owners are already quite familiar with “managing the managers” of their various assets and holdings. Franchise ownership as part of a diversified portfolio offers several other key benefits as well. Consider these key advantages:

Revenue Control

With franchise ownership, investors have much more control over how this particular portfolio asset performs. The proven business models, coupled with comprehensive training and ongoing support, make them less volatile than liquidity based holdings. And when you have revenue control, it makes it that much easier to forecast performance and profitability.

Time Saved

By nature, franchising’s proven business models are built upon multiple efficiencies within their systems and operations, designed to streamline operations and maximize earnings. But there’s also time saved to consider. And most high-end business portfolio owners would agree that there’s simply no substitute for surpluses of time and attention.

Resale Opportunities

When franchise ownership becomes part of a business ownership portfolio, it can be every bit as portable as high-performing investment assets. Many multi-unit franchise owners spend years attaining ideal sales numbers, based on dependable recurring revenue, and then consider profitable exit strategies.

The new year always brings a fresh opportunity to consider sound financial moves, especially when it’s time to expand your own portfolio of businesses. If you’ve yet to consider the power and reach of youth enrichment franchise concepts, Unleashed Brands invites you to explore several new possibilities in the expansion of your enterprise-level operation.

A Little More About Us…

The Unleashed Brands platform includes Urban Air Adventure Park, Snapology, The Little Gym, XP League, Class 101, and Premier Martial Arts youth enrichment franchises. As the parent company, Unleashed Brands was founded to curate and grow the most innovative and profitable business opportunities that help kids learn, play and grow. Over the last 10 years, the team at Unleashed Brands has built a proven platform and know-how for scaling businesses that focus on serving families. All have become first-in-category brands by providing fun, engaging, and inspiring experiences that help kids with their No. 1 development goal – to become who they were destined to be.

To speak with one of our franchise experts and learn more about our children’s business opportunities, simply fill out this form and an Unleashed Brands representative will be in touch shortly.