6 Reasons Why You'll “Score” a Better Future With XP League

If you’re still not yet familiar with esports, it’s about time you became acquainted with the phenomenon. What esports offers is simple - a Little League-style approach to the world of online gaming. And it’s an activity experiencing a skyrocketing level of interest - not just in the U.S., but also on the global stage. With an activity drawing this much interest, it comes as no surprise that an emerging franchise opportunity has arrived.

Meet XP League, the franchise industry’s first competitive gaming league. Backed by the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), XP League is geared to children ages seven through high school. Organized like any other youth sports organization, this is a brand with professional instruction and experience for its players. Franchise owners organize and host weekly live-stream competitions where the players and their supporters can prove their gaming skills…and a whole lot more. That’s because XP League is really about changing the negative stereotypes associated with the online gaming community. As you’ll see, there’s a lot to love about this youth enrichment franchise, as Unleashed Brands presents six reasons why you’ll “score” a better future with XP League…

  1. XP League Features the Most Popular Games – if you’re not up on the latest, most thrilling, online games, ask your kids if they’ve ever heard of Overwatch, Rocket League, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Minecraft, Roblox, League of Legends, or Valorant. These exciting, well-known, multi-player online games are designed to test all participants' mental skill and acuity. And they’re all wildly popular.
  1. It’s About More Than Just Gaming – online gaming comes with built-in popularity, as millions of U.S. kids take part each and every day. But XP League offers a little something extra, a key differentiator if you will. For all players, XP is a league that promotes sportsmanship and good behavior in a safe and supportive environment - where all participants can learn, grow, and play by doing things the right way. XP League is dedicated to building character and teaching good values.
  1. It’s About Childhood Development – players and participants who take part in XP League tournaments not only get the excitement that comes from online gaming, but there are many developmental benefits as well. Kids also learn about the value of strategic problem-solving, teamwork, and good sportsmanship – crucial for all young children and youths. Positive life lessons are at the core of esports and the XP League opportunity.
  1. For Owners, it’s an All-Inclusive Opportunity – XP League was designed to mirror the more traditional youth sports leagues. Just as Little League baseball comes with equipment, uniforms, and a competitive schedule of matchups, so too does XP League. Franchise owners, who act as the league’s commissioners, are provided with all the tools and resources needed to run a competitive online gaming opportunity. And they get the backing and support of XP League’s corporate office, just like any other franchise opportunity.
  1. The Esports Industry is Booming – did we share that esports is a big deal? In the U.S. alone, it’s an activity valued at nearly $2 billion – with a B. And the compound annual growth rate prediction is simply off the charts – expected to reach 26.8% through the year 2030. And that number wasn’t a typo.
  1. It’s a Ground Floor Opportunity – XP League, launched in 2020, is still considered an emerging brand, with some 50+ franchise units and territories awarded to date. This means this is still very much a ground-floor opportunity to get in on something good. What’s more – current XP League owners are quick to point out that the esports phenomenon isn’t even close to peaking in the U.S. That means there’s only one direction left for the brand – straight up the charts!

XP League is designed to be an affordable franchise opportunity for those who enjoy coaching and mentoring kids. If you happen to live in a community that could use a heavy dose of excitement and character-building for the children, XP League could be your entrepreneurial ticket to the big leagues. For more information – and how to contact an Unleashed Brands representative – please visit XP League’s brand page on our website.

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