Surveys Show Corporate Burnout is on the Rise. Could Franchise Ownership be the Answer?

Here’s an interesting little quiz if you happen to work for someone other than yourself. Do you have co-workers? If so, look around, because one out of every two employees recently reported feeling completely burned out at work. This percentage – 48% - was tallied in Microsoft’s most recent Work Trend Index, an annual report that surveys over 30,000 full-time employees in over 30 countries.

It’s quite common to have experienced workplace burnout at some point in your career. For decades now, the trend has been to shoulder a heavier workload with a lighter workforce. Only recently has this problem become impossible to ignore. If you happen to be among those who consider yourself burned out at work, what are your options? Well, if you want to keep paying your bills and living with a roof over your head, you can either find another job or take a bigger swing at the problem – by going entrepreneurial.

Burnout Statistics

Workplace burnout surveys are actually much more common than you think. Entities from think tanks to corporate accounting firms have tackled this phenomenon. And just wait until you see some statistics. For instance, as many as 89% of employees have experienced burnout symptoms in the past year and the rate of reported instances has jumped from 13.5% in 2021 to 59% in 2022. Many experts trace this increase to companies forcing workers back to the office following their pandemic stints as remote workers. But it’s hardly the only factor. Anywhere from half to two-thirds of employees believe that burnout is contributing to their physical and mental fatigue, lack of motivation, and even interest in their jobs at all. 20% admit that burnout has even affected their level of effort on the job.

Is Franchise Ownership the Answer?

It’s commonly accepted that a majority of people don’t really enjoy their jobs. But they’re a necessity to live a stable and comfortable life. For those employees experiencing burnout who wish to do something about it – perhaps something major – there is an open path available. And that path is entrepreneurship – the desire to take charge of your lifestyle and income-generating capability as your own boss. While there are three distinct ways to go about it, franchising is the clear leader in advantages. Let’s discuss why. First and foremost, there are thousands of franchise concepts on the market today (more than just food!) – allowing any individual to find a concept that they’re passionate about. Franchising provides franchisees with a proven business model to follow, as well as comprehensive training and close-knit, ongoing support. Franchising is about collaborative and collective success between the brand and its network of franchisees – and you can be the beneficiary, provided you get started by investigating the ownership process.

Taking Charge for a Change…

If you’d like to explore an entrepreneurial future with Unleashed Brands, we’re just a phone call or email away. There’s never any cost or obligation to review your options in becoming a franchise owner. As the premier youth enrichment provider, we have six children and youth-oriented businesses for you to investigate. During the process, we’ll learn more about you, your career, and your desire to pursue an entrepreneurial future. In turn, you’ll learn more about our individual brands, their training, support, and unique business models. At Unleashed Brands, we take you through the process step-by-step. There’s never any pressure and you’re free to use what you’ve learned to make informed decisions about your future. To get the proverbial ball rolling, just fill out this brief form on our Brands page and let’s arrange an introductory chat.

Corporate burnout is real, and it affects millions of lives here in the U.S. But the reality is this – nobody is completely trapped in their job, nor without options. If burnout at your current job has you feeling emotionally and physically drained, why not simply consider what the alternative might look like? Who knows? It might just end up being the first day of the rest of your life.

A Little More About Us…

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